Reefs Food Truck

Today for Lunch I had Reef’s Food Truck.   They are a Mediterranean food Truck.  I had the Braised Short Rib Pita Sandwich.   My first impression on the price was that $10 seemed pricey however once I ate it and saw that there was alot of meat then it didn’t seem so pricey.   The sandwich itself … Continue reading Reefs Food Truck

The Ramen Food Truck

Today for Lunch I had The Ramen Food Truck.   I had the Devil with the Happy base which is a soy sauce soup base. I also had them do extra pork.   This is not the cheap ramen that you buy in the grocery store.   This is genuine ramen.   I thoroughly enjoyed my meal and would … Continue reading The Ramen Food Truck

Savor Food Truck.

Today for Lunch I had Savor Food Truck.   I had the sampler which is 1 of each slider that they have.   For the side I had stuffed mushrooms.   At first I thought that $11 was a little bit pricey.   However after getting the food and eating I decided it was not that bad of a … Continue reading Savor Food Truck.

My Slow Cooker Chili

Since it is a cold and rainy weekend I fixed a pot of my Slow Cooker Chili. For my recipe I use 2 Pounds of Stew Beef,  1 30oz  can of Chili Beans,  2 15oz cans of kidney beans,  4 15 oz cans of diced fire roasted tomatoes with garlic and 3  packs of McCormick … Continue reading My Slow Cooker Chili