Smokin Star BBQ food truck.

3 thoughts on “Smokin Star BBQ food truck.”

  1. Hi there! I just started working for the Smokin Star 6 weeks ago, and I’m posting to ask you to come try us again! The very first day that the truck opened in June, Star Quayle (who co-owner the truck with her husband Aaron) ended up in the hospital in critical condition, and for the next three weeks it was touch and go. Volunteers and friends stepped up to help Aaron launch the Smokin Star and he was either smoking meat, or at the hospital.

    A lot has changed since then. We have a 3 rib plate now instead of two, 8 employees, and a healthy Star! Come to the truck the next time you see us and give us another chance. If you aren’t full when your meal is over, don’t hesitate to approach the truck and say so. I was taught by Star on day one that customer satisfaction is our top priority, and to do all we possibly can to make that happen.

    We can’t please everyone, but if you let us know, we sure can give it our best effort.


      1. If you want to give me the city or area you work in, I’d be happy to personally alert you when we’re headed there again. And Thank You!


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