Even Stevens Wedge Salad

Today for Lunch I went to Even Stevens.   I ordered the wedge Salad.   The salad was awesome.   The salad was a wedge of iceberg lettuce with creamy blue cheese and topped with blue cheese,  tomatoes,  avocado pork belly.   The salad was delicious.   The ingredients were nice and fresh.   I normally don’t eat avocado but have … Continue reading Even Stevens Wedge Salad

Oak Wood Fire Kitchen

Tonight for dinner I went to Oak Wood Fire Kitchen.   I know how awesome their Pizza is but tonight I decided to be different.   Even though they were listed as an appetizer I ordered the Siriachia honey wings.   I have to say this was a great choice. The flavor was unbelievable.   The Siriachia added a … Continue reading Oak Wood Fire Kitchen

H-Town BBQ

Tonight for dinner I enjoyed the Smoked pork butt from H-Town BBQ.   My wife ordered this from them.   I am a BBQ conisuer having lived in the South for 15 years including living in North Carolina which is know for BBQ pork.   This smoked pork butt did not disappoint.  It was phenomenal.   I tasted it … Continue reading H-Town BBQ