El Mexiquense Grill

Tonight for dinner I went to El Mexiquense Grill in American Fork Utah.   I went because I wanted Taco’s Alpastor.   I ordered Taco’s Alpastor,  Elotes and Flan.  The Taco’s Alpastor were awesome the meat was delicious and the pineapple added just the right amount of sweetness.   The elotes was also awesome  this is one of … Continue reading El Mexiquense Grill

Texas Roadhouse

Tonight for dinner I went to Texas Roadhouse in Sandy Utah.  I ordered the 22 Oz Bone in Ribeye with green beans and mashed potatoes with cheese and bacon.   The steak was phenomenal it was one of the best Ribeye’s I have had.   I wondered if I would be able to finish a 22 Oz … Continue reading Texas Roadhouse

Wasatch Devistator Beer

Someone suggested that I review some beers.   So tonight I will give my thoughts on Wasatch Devistator Double Bock.   I really enjoyed this beer.   I have always been a fan of Dark Beers.   I would say as far as taste I could detect  a chocolate,  carmel nutty flavor.   The beer was also super smooth and … Continue reading Wasatch Devistator Beer