Smile Cafe Yet Again

Today for lunch I went to Smile Cafe once again. This time I ordered the 3 piece chicken strips combo with honey mustard and tater tots. The meal was delicious. The chicken strips were cooked perfectly cripsy on the outside and moist smd juicy on the inside. The honey mustard was also delicious. The tater … Continue reading Smile Cafe Yet Again

Smile Cafe Again

Today for lunch I decided that I wanted to visit Smile Cafe at work again and try something else on the menu. I ordered the grilled ham and cheese sandwich in a combo. For my side I selected the tater tots. I will start by saying that this is my favorite item that I have … Continue reading Smile Cafe Again

Smile Cafe Another Visit

Today for lunch I decided to give the new Cafe in Office Complex where I work another try. This time I ordered the Lunch Special Teriyaki Rice, Beef Wanja (Meatball). I ordered it spicy. This dish consisted of Rice with vegtables and beef meatballs, spicy sauce and teriyaki sauce. This meal was delicious. The rice … Continue reading Smile Cafe Another Visit