Rewhipped Key Lime Pie

Over the weekend I went to Rewhipped and purchased a Key Lime Pie. The Key lime pie was delicious. It had a deliciously lime flavor. I do have a couple of criticism though. I thought there was a bit too much whipped cream on top and would have prefered more filling. I also thought that … Continue reading Rewhipped Key Lime Pie

Blackbear Diner Draper Utah

Today for breakfast I decided to go to Blackbear Diner in Draper Utah. I ordered the bacon and egg breakfast. For the eggs I selected scrambled, for the potatoes I selected hash browns and for bread I selected an english muffin. The english muffin was toasted perfectly had great flavor. The eggs were cooked perfectly … Continue reading Blackbear Diner Draper Utah

Roxberry Juice Herriman Utah

Today for lunch I decided that I wanted to try one of the bowls from Roxberry Juice in Herriman Utah. I ordered the Classic Acai Bowl. This bowl consisted of Organic acai, apple juice, mangos, blueberries and bananas topped with granola, honey, coconut, bananas, strawberries and blueberries. This bowl was amazing. The acai blend was … Continue reading Roxberry Juice Herriman Utah